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Articles: Devotion
Guru Pournami
- Ms. swetthambari chitturi
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Dear friends, I am praying to divine Mother Sri Sri Sri Sahasrakshi Rajarajeswari Devi of Devipuram to guide you, be with you, in you, to fulfill your desires and concerns. This Guru Pournami is very special. It is the 12th year after Kumbhabhishekam in 1994. Mr. Kompella Subba Rao has been practicing Sri Vidya for the last 25 years as taught by Guruji. He has been leading a group in Boston. He is being consecrated as the new pontiff of Devipuram. Sacred Yantras made exactly like the one given to Guruji by Kamakhya in 1983; a comprehensive web portal with links to old ones (, ); CDs for distance learning Chakra pujas made personally by Guruji; fashion designs made at Devipuram; all these are being launched on 11th July 2006 at Kalabharati, Vizag. As you may know, Devipuram is a Global Resource for Goddess Worship, housing Devi in a grand Sri Chakra Meru, the biggest in the world you can actually walk into, and meet all Navavarana Devis alive. Their names are given in Khadgamala, but their forms are revealed for worship for the first time here. All people irrespective of caste or religion can enter the temple here. The main ideas of Devipuram are 1. Your body is the real temple in which Mother Goddess lives as life, 2. Every part of your body made by the Goddess holds hidden powers that can be brought out through rituals and meditations involving effort and relaxation, 3. Thereby Goddess helps you to gain knowledge of, gather implements, and manifest the future of your dreams pretty much as you like, rewriting destiny if necessary. If you make these ideas a part of your mindset, then the magic starts happening. The real Devipuram is your body, and Devi manifests from there. Other supporting ideas are: the world is old, very old; and big, very big; it needed to be this old and this big to make the life creating substances; it has taken many millions of years to evolve life to the human condition; its goal is divinity, not the grave; life is precious; love sustains it; it is very costly to throw away the existing body to make a fresh one. We can't really afford to hate life, throw it away; exploit the living, and reap unbearable consequences. It is far better to love and live than to hate and die. It is so simple to give and get love. It is so easy to go hug and get hugged by every one. It is only our minds which say, 'No, it is not done'. I request you to consider and adopt if you like, the following three simple steps to make yourself a loving and caring Devi, speaking and acting through you. Give small gifts, any gifts to five people every day. 1. It may be a smile, a hug, reading a story, singing a song, dancing, giving a flower, or sending a wave of love to some one you don't like . 2. Make a plan for tomorrow for 6 jobs, each of which takes about half an hour. The first job is always there, giving the gifts. Tick each item off the list after trying it sincerely. Post them for next day if left undone. 3. Breathe 'in' 1 unit of time, 'out' 1 unit evenly for 5 minutes, and then meditate. Simply watch the breath for 35 minutes as it goes in and out. Thoughts keep coming; cut them out as they keep coming. *These simple steps are enough to connect you to Devi's immense power of loving manifestations. Guru Pournami is the day when all devotees assemble physically or mentally at the Guru's place to pay homage to their Guru. Why? Because, like a mother the Guru has given the devotee a birth, a spiritual birth through five levels of empowerment in Panchadasi Mantra. He has put you on a path of self discovery, empowering the divine love and beauty in you. He thinks and works constantly for the welfare of all. You are all members of his family, Gurukulam. There are many of you who received worship from him personally. Think of that: the guru washed the feet of devotees from whatever social strata they came from. He empowered them thus; that is His way of proving that they are indeed Goddesses. In the Guru mantra, the words 'swaroopa niroopana hetave' occur. It means, 'cause for proving your divine nature'. Guru Pournami is a day of re-dedication to God's work. On this day we honor the Guru, and give some gifts to him enabling him to fulfill the works of God. For getting our son or daughter admitted to a good school, or to give a dowry, we don't think twice about giving our life's earnings. Guruji thinks: which children are not mine? Like you, He would also like to give each child the same kind of gifts; a good education and marriage. On this day we commit something: a percentage of our earnings; or time. Time includes japa or puja offering the fruits for all; service at Devipuram for so many days every year. You can help to give some delicious, nourishing mid-day meals packets free to every pilgrim visiting Devipuram. Donations in cash and kind are needed and welcome. The common talk that Guruji has been hearing is that there are not adequate facilities for visitors coming to stay at Devipuram. Plans are afoot to create such facilities called 'Sri'. A dining hall with a hygienic kitchen accommodating 200 people; a function hall of same capacity to conduct group meditations or marriages; 30 double bed rooms; 3 dorms for 72 participants; are all planned. The rooms with built in baths will be available as time-shares at a cost of Rs 1,08,000. Each share allows every year, for life, 1 week's free stay during oct to Jan, and one month in off season. For a cost of 5 timeshares, a couple can stay free permanently. A brochure is attached with pictures and details. *Please take a good look at it, and take a time-share to help this multi facility 'Sri' come up. Kindly refer or circulate this letter and the brochure to your mailing list requesting their participation also. Did you notice our new logo of devipuram? It is a feminine symbol of hills and dales, beauty, and the wealth of cosmos. Stick it on the entrance to your puja room to attract cosmic abundance and peace into your home. Our small English pamphlet has pictures of Sahasrakshi, Guru and Meru. You can frame it and put it in puja. Just look at Guru with love, you will connect to Devi. An invitation for Guru Pournami is attached. If possible come to Devipuram physically. If not, be present in imagination. Merging with you in prayer and meditation, Amrithananda (Guruji) Devipuram, 531001, India. Ph 08924 237742

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