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Science & Spiritualism
- Mr. Sree Rama Thumakunta
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Matter is physical and visible.. Science is an understanding of matter. Living beings are characterized by their life, whereas, non living beings do not possess such characteristic. The Liquid of Life is Godís creation Ė almost a puzzle unsolved so far by the ancient veterans vis a vis the modern scientists. Can any scientist produce blood?! This is the limitation of Science. Science aims at Truth Ė that too in verifiable status. Science is the application of mind meant for the material benefit of the mankind as well as other living beings. Spiritualism personifies the Soul ie., Athman. Spiritualism, also aims at Truth but for obtaining only and only the peace of mind. Here the material itself is immaterial. Conscience forms the very base of spiritualism. You are answerable to you only and not to anybody else including even the Supreme Almighty. This is conscience. Conscience includes Science. This is the philosophy of life. We analyse Science and Spiritualism as separate entities. It is erroneous. In reality, they are indeed inter-dependent and inalienable parts of each other. The pleasures you get from materialistic gains obtained from and out of science are short-lived. The pleasure you get from spiritual sources is the never-exhausting treasure for the man kind. It can never be subject to theft or burglary. Understanding Life, the Creation and the Creator had been the biggest challenges for the human being; Science relies on Physical research, where as Spiritualism dissects Inner self. Godís creation leaves always two alternatives: one constructive and the other destructive. Global Warming, Environmental hazards reflect the destructive alternative. The whole strength of the human being lies in the Body, Mind and Spirit. Body is physical and visible. Mind is not visible Ė itís presence can only be felt. Spirit is nothing but the Soul Ė which is neither physical nor visible. Itís presence can only be felt. In other words, human being himself is the combination of the elements of science as well as spiritualism. There are continuous phases of action and reaction of these elements in the human being which are almost depending on each other ie., in other words they are inter-dependent. What message the Soul transmits, the Mind transforms the same into the Body and the Body ultimately executes the action. The Soul is the Point of Origin. The Mind is the point of Transit. The Body is the point of Execution. This is really the beauty of Godís creation.

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