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Based on the enormous response to the yearly predictions and the questions to astrologer, we are pleased to provide you a full-fledged astrology information.

Sun Sign   Moon Sign  
Sun sign is based on the month and date you born. For example, if you born on March 24th, your sign is Aries. Moon sign is based on your birth star. For example, if your star is Visakha 4th paadam (quarter), then you are Scorpio.
For some people, both Moon and Sun sign are the same. To some they may differ.
Anyone can check Sun Sign. But to read Moon Sign, you need to know your Birth Star.

You can check your Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly predictions based on your Moon sign. Those who do not have any birth details can enter the date of birth, and can find out their signs.
Daily Panchangam in Telugu
Daily Panchangam in English
Weekly Predictions by Sign
More details and features coming soon!
Numerology is based on Numbers and we have few tools for you based on Numerology! Find out the appropriate links either below or in the left side menu.
Numerology Introduction
More details and features coming soon!
Ask Astrologer

You can ask any question to any of our Astrologer after logging in. They will answer your question and you will be intimated about the reply. From now on, you can express any doubts for the answer from the astrologer to your question.

Sri Ramakrishna Sastry Marthi will answer your questions.
Sri Santhosh Kumar will answer your questions.
Sri Subbarao Simhambhotla will provide periodic predictions.

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