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I have registered in the You said that I am going to get a password in the email. But I did not recieved any such password or email. Why?

Our automated system will send your password as soon as you register. The password will be sent to the email address your specify. If you do not receive the password in one or two hours, that means:

1. You entered a wrong email address by mistake. Many people do this mistake. While typing your email address, if you type one letter incorrectly, then you will not receive the email and the password. Some times, somebody else may receive your password. So, please be careful when entering your email address.

2. Your email address or email system is not working properly. Please check if your email box has space to receive email. Your email provider may be rejecting emails from Some business organisations do not want to receive emails from un-known people becuase of virus problems. So, if you gave your company email address, please make sure to check you will be able receive email address from

Solution: If you didn't receive your password in two hours, then, check your email box and make sure your email system is working properly. Then goto: and enter your email address.

If you enter your email address correctly at the time of registration, then, this page will tell you that your email address is sent to your address. So, wait again upto 2 hours. If you still didn't receive an email, that means, we are not able to reach you by the email address you gave. Please register again with another email address. We recommend you to use most popular email systems such as Yahoo, Hotmail etc. unless you are a technical person and sure about your email system.

If it says "Sorry, your email address is not found in our database.", then, try again with the correct spelling or Register again.

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