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Telugu Font Help
We use Dynamic Font technology to display Telugu script.
If you are not able to view Telugu text in Telugu Script, then please follow the following instructions:


If you are using Firefox Browser or above, then follow these steps:

1)Download TeluguFont from our site Click here to Download .

2)Copy font file in fonts folder in your system.
Eg: C:/windows/fonts

3)Refresh your browser.

Internet Explorer

If you are using, Internet Explorer follow these steps:

1) In IE 4, click on "View" Menu and then Click on "Internet Options"
In IE 5.0 and above, click on "Tools" Menu and then Click on "Internet Options"

2)Click on Security button

3)Click on Custom level

You will notice a Settings box with multiple options. Please click against the options as shown below:

ActiveX controls and plug-ins: "Enable"
Script ActiveX controls marked safe: "Enable"
Downloads --> File download: "Enable"
Java permission: "Medium safety"
Access data sources across domains: "Enable"
Submit nonencrypted form data: "Enable"
Scripting by Java applets: "Enable"

4) After making the above changes, click on Advanced and enable the following options by clicking on the check boxes:

Java console: "Enable"
Java JIT compiler: "Enable"
Java logging: "Enable"

If you are using an old version of Internet Explorer, then we strongly recommend you to download the latest version of Internet Explorer from Microsoft web site. It is free. Click here to goto Microsoft website. in Linux

If you are using Linux operating system, then Click the following link

Steps to Install Font in Linux

Netscape Navigator

If you are using Netscape Browser version 4.0 or above, then follow these steps:

1)Click "Edit" on the browser menu bar.

2)Select the Preferences tab.

3)Select Appearance and click on it.

4)Now click on Fonts in the Category panel and enable the following option by clicking in the check box : "Use document-specified fonts, including dynamic fonts"

5)Refresh the page.

If the text is still not proper, then clear the browser cache.

If you are using an old version of Netscape browser, then we strongly recommend you to download the latest version of Netscape Navigator from Netscape web site. It is free. Click here to goto Netscape website.

If you still have a problem... Download the Font, it's so easy!!

If you still have trouble viewing Telugu Script, it possibly means your browser is unable to display dynamic fonts and you will need to install Telugu Font on your computer. It is so easy. Please follow these steps:

Click here to download the Telugu Font.

1. Choose "Save" or "Save this file to disk" option. Save the file on your desktop.

2. Then, Click on Start button -> Go to Control Panel -> Double click on FONTS folder

3. Click File option on window menu -> Install New Font -> Point the file location to your desktop and choose TeluguFont.ttf file -> then click "Ok"

4. Close all open browser windows.

5. Now open a new browser window and delete all the files in the cache and then reload or refresh the page.

Smooth Your Fonts
Follow these steps to Smooth your fonts. These instructions will work on Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows Me versions.

2)Click the EFFECTS tab.
3)Check “Smooth edges of screen fonts.” (see image below)
4)Click “OK” to close window and apply settings.

Still have any problems?
If you still have any problems with your Telugu Fonts or Telugu Script display, then, please contact the Help Desk. Please explain your font problem in detail. Tell us your operating system name, the browser you are using.

We will be happy to assist you!!

Keyboard Layout   Learn Telugu Typing   Telugu On/Off

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